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The Association


AFME is a non-profit professional organisation operating on the national level which covers the various sub-sectors of the electrical industry. It is, in fact, the only organisation in Spain where the various areas of activity in the electrical industry come together.

Since its foundation in 1982, the AFME (Spanish Association of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers) has been equipped with a structure which allows it to put a wide range of services and actions into practice, to the benefit of the sector in general and its members in particular. Since its creation, the AFME has grown from 24 members to the 116 companies which now make up the Association. Its members account for more than 90% of the turnover of the Spanish medium and low voltage sector.

Its active presence in many national and international bodies grants the Association great prestige and influence, providing it with a solid position from which to optimally represent Spanish industry.

Three divisions made up of a team of professional specialists, allow the Association to respond to the needs of the sector at both national and international levels, and keep it directly connected to all levels of the sector.

OUR MISSIÓN is to defend the leading position of electrical manufacturers in matters like standardisation, legislation and certification, to support their national market and to increase exports through our services.


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