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Message from the Secretary General-Manager


Andrés Carasso

Our Association main goal is to support our companies in all the aspects of their activities. The ups and downs of our economy during this XXIst century has provoked important challenges to our companies, but also opportunities. And AFME has been there to defend the interests and needs of our sector with a diversified range of services.

Regarding our domestic market, AFME provides important statistical information, both general and of specific product groups, that helps our companies understand the evolution of their markets. Several statistical groups are managed within the Association in a very professional way and complying with the requirements of the Competition Law.

We provide information about late and default payments that suffer on a monthly basis. And also we publish Telebalance, an on-line tool which integrates and analyses the annual accounts of the most important distributors of electrical equipment.

The importance of exports among our companies, related with our domestic market, has grown steadily during the last years. To promote this process, our Foreign Trade Division, develops every year a plan of activities in foreign markets, adjusted to the needs of our members, which focuses on promoting markets in Asia, Latin America, North America, North Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. This plan involves participations at trade fairs, trade missions as well as other activities helping to internationalize our sector.

The Technical Division has continued to consolidate its activities with regard to standardisation, certification and legislation on the national and European level, through its participation in national and international organisations relating to our sector such as AENOR, CENELEC, IEC, ORGALIME, CECAPI, CAPIEL, etc. We have continued our collaboration with AENOR in the Standardisation and Certification Technical Committees. Also we work close to other governmental bodies, Spanish and international, in order to defend the position of our industry and keep our companies informed about any change in the different directives, laws and regulations that affect us.

AFME is an active member of the Multisectoral Platform against Bad Debt (PMcM) which main goal is combating late payments in Spain.

The B2B Electronet e-commerce platform, a 50/50 joint venture between the AFME and ADIME, has consolidated its position as the leading e-commerce platform in our sector. At present the most important manufacturers and wholesalers are part of our Platform and the number of transactions exchanged using Electronet is growing strongly year after year. Finally, I would like to thank the Board of Directors of the AFME and all our member companies for the trust they have placed in me and in our collaborators, who work every day with the utmost dedication, quality and professionalism. Your trust is the engine that keeps AFME moving forward.

Andrés Carasso Vendrell Secretary General – Manager